It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and because we’re rocking some big ol’, orange tinted glasses, we’re going to call it SUper Bowl SUnday and you’ll just have to deal with it. Everyone’s going to be watching the game today, even if they just want to see the commercials or watch for a potential wardrobe malfunction from Katy Perry. We’re no different here at Otto’s Grove, and we’ve got a few thoughts about how the game is going to play out. And stay tuned until the end – we’ve got a couple special guest pickers, including a certain recent import from the Garden State.

Here are predictions from everyone here at the Grove. If you want to see the SUper Bowl prediction of future SU hoops star Tyler Lydon, check out our interview with the 6-foot-8 forward from yesterday.


In a battle of who has the most tricks up their sleeve, the Seahawks defense steps up big as they win their second title, beating the Patriots 24-20. Oh, and Giselle once again goes on a dumb tirade on Twitter after the game.


Pete Carroll receives redemption with a 20-17 win over the Pats, who have a hard time getting Gronk involved in the action.


Two weeks is too long to give Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady to prepare. The Patriots win convincingly, 35-17.


The Patriots defense is too much for the Seahawks to handle. LaGarrette Blount has a big day as the Patriots win 28-17.


The Patriots have a major herpes outbreak that causes massive itching. Does herpes itch? (Editor’s note: Like you don’t know, Chizzly)

Either way, Seattle wins 34-28.


Both teams have been in the headlines for some off the field stories in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, but with two very good coaches I doubt either team is truly affected by what has gone on during the two week hiatus. The Patriots are led by, in my humble opinion, a top five all-time quarterback in Tom Brady who has been there more than any other quarterback in the history of the game. On the other side you have the Seahawks, who are led by a suffocating defense and Russell Wilson. Wilson threw four interceptions versus the Packers in the NFC title game, but was able to overcome that and lead his team to a dramatic victory.

With all that being taken into account I am going with the Patriots to be your Super Bowl XLIX champions, and Chandler Jones finishes the game with two and a half sacks and wins the MVP for the game. Patriots 31, Seahawks 21.


In a game that basically has 75% of the population hoping Bane will show up to just blow up the field and swallow both teams, I’ll give the edge to New England, because I imagine Belicheck has been spending the last two weeks developing an elaborate scheme kind of like George Clooney in Ocean’s 11, out-cheating college football’s preeminent cheater, Pete Carroll.

This is how cheating works in the pros, Pete. New England and SU alum Chandler Jones get the ring with a 31-20 victory.

Sean Keeley –

The Patriots can’t win another Super Bowl. They just can’t. Richard Sherman returns an interception for a TD to seal the victory for the Seahawks. Seattle 28, New England 27.

Jake Pickard

The Patriots will run a train on them. The Legion of Boom is NOT READY for Gronk or Blount. 28-13 Pats.

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