It took longer than some Syracuse basketball fans would have liked, but the Orange have extended an offer to class of 2018 prospect Cameron Reddish, the versatile wing player announced today on his Twitter page.

Syracuse is obviously still trying to finish up the class of 2016 with Taurean Thompson, and will be looking to put together what will likely be an enormous class (both in terms of size and importance) in 2017, but with midnight last night representing the first time coaches could contact rising juniors, it’s a relief that the Orange extended the scholarship pledge to Reddish.

At 6-foot-7 and about 200 pounds, the Philadelphia-area talent is rated as one of the best players in the class of 2018. He’s ranked as a consensus top 10 talent in the class, and is generally thought of as the best small forward prospect in 2018. And honestly, this may sound like blasphemy to other Syracuse fans, and it may just be seeing another athletic, versatile, 6-foot-7 wing player wearing the number 22 in high school, but two words immediately pop into my mind when watching his highlights: Carmelo Anthony.

Now, I’m not saying that Reddish will ever be on Carmelo’s level. But there’s no denying that there are some similarities in their games, and even in their appearances.

Reddish has guard skills and a forward’s body, with a strong handle and very good court vision to go along with a consistently expanding range on his jump shot. Watch his highlights, and you’ll see a smooth player who can finish in creative ways around the rim, knock down midrange jumpers, and keep his teammates involved with great court awareness and passing ability. People look at Carmelo now and see the player who’s become a ball-dominant scorer who’s probably best suited to play the power forward position but forget that in high school, he was a much different player. He was a player extremely similar to what you’ll see from Reddish in his film.

The class of 2018 is a very long way off, and Syracuse will have incredibly stiff competition for his services – the likes of Duke and Kentucky have already offered, after all. But as long as the Orange are in the mix, this will be one of the hoops recruiting battles we should all be hoping that Syracuse wins. This kid is a difference maker.

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