Well, with spring practice coming up quickly, it was only a matter of time before Syracuse released an updated football roster. The new roster is now online, and it’s certainly got some noteworthy changes (and lack of changes). Here are a few that jumped out right off the bat…

  • Yes, folks, we’ve got some position changes. The most noteworthy change is Moe Neal, who many have speculated would find his way to the slot. That appears to be exactly what’s happening, with the dynamic athlete who spent last year working at tailback now listed as a wide receiver on the official roster. Neal’s weight is also up from 169 last year to 179 now.
  • On the flipside, last season Tyrone Perkins was listed as a wide receiver, but is now listed as a running back – so basically, he and Neal flipped positions. Dontae Strickland is still a running back, as well.
  • Eric Dungey has needed to get bigger and stronger, and that’s exactly what has happened. Last season, he was listed at 207 pounds. Right now, he’s listed at 221 on the official roster. Expect him to play closer to 230 by the time the season gets here, and he’s had a full spring and summer to continue to bulk up.
  • Speaking of massive weight gains, holy crap, McKinley Williams. The athletic defensive tackle played as a true freshman last season with a listed weight of 253. Well, the rising sophomore checks in at 294, an enormous jump in weight. Assuming he maintains his quickness, he could be a beast on the interior of the line.
  • Kenneth Ruff is up to 278, from 264 a year ago. At this point, I’d wager he’s going to work his way to the interior of the defensive line.
  • And speaking of the interior of the defensive line, we’ve got one notable number change: Steven Clark has switched from 72 to 94 for the upcoming season.
  • Andrew Armstrong is another big gainer, going from a listed weight of 217 last season to 229 this year, as he transitions into his role as a middle linebacker and the heir apparent to Zaire Franklin.
  • Oh, let’s jump back to number changes: Devin Butler (the sophomore wide receiver) is wearing 5 this year, after wearing 13 last season. Devin Butler (the grad transfer defensive back) is wearing 10.
  • Two guys who are still listed on the roster are Devon Clarke and Jaquwan Nelson. The two redshirt freshmen got into some trouble with the law this year, and were suspended indefinitely. The fact that they’re still listed on the roster seems to indicate that they may indeed be getting a second chance with the Orange.
  • Ravian Pierce will wear 14, and comes in listed at 6-foot-3, 234 pounds.
  • Ryan Guthrie will wear 41, and comes in listed at 6-foot-2, 215 pounds.
  • Nadarius Fagan will wear 27, and comes in listed at 6-foot-1, 194 pounds.

You can check out the full roster here. I’m sure there are many, many other noteworthy changes to be found. And it’s worth noting that Mykelti Williams, the JUCO safety and former Notre Dame player, is enrolling in the summer, which is why he’s not listed on the roster currently.

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